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Everything you wanted to know about us, but were afraid to ask.

About us

Would you like to really know how well your insurance company is going to look when you claim... before it happens?

Compare insurance brands based on how customers rated their claim experience >

Imagine if there was a new online community for consumer insurance reviews and feedback, independent and without compromise. Where bad reviews don't get hidden or suspended and where good reviews get given the same weight as if you were recommending a business to a friend or family member (after all it takes more effort to praise than to criticise). This is exactly what ClaimScore is all about.

Why another online review community?

Have you ever bought an insurance policy? It's hardly like treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy, unwrapping a new pair of heels, taking your new motor for a spin or finally landing in a sunny resort with pink sand or powdery snow under your feet. Most of us shop around at least to some extent before buying any type of insurance, and that's something to be encouraged. You try and look for the best value for money. The challenge is, until you make a claim, it's hard to know how well you will be looked after by your insurance provider, what the exclusions really are and how long it's going to take to settle your claim.

Road test your insurance before buying

Imagine you've bought what you thought was a good home insurance policy from a 5 star rated insurer. It wasn't cheap. But you used a comparison site and their star rating helped you decide it was the best insurance for you.

What if you knew (and could talk to, or read about) others who have made similar claims with this insurer. What if you could read how happy these people were with each aspect of the claim process, from the number of times you had to call or email them, to how many people you had to talk to... you could feel so much more confident you were buying the right cover for yourself.

That's where ClaimScore comes in. ClaimScore is a platform for everyone to express their true life claims experiences. It's a better way to help you choose an insurer that meets your needs and expectations.

Why should you trust us?

  • We are a small but dedicated team, determined to make your life easier (when it comes to buying insurance at least) by giving you a unique way to help choose your next insurer.
  • We have worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years, across businesses including Sainsbury's, Protect Your Bubble, Insure & Go and Lloyds Bank.
  • We are making a pledge of being fair, transparent, and helpful to you.

Anything you'd like to know?

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Our pledge to our visitors and insurance businesses featured here

  • Be fair - on no account will we compromise our main principle: We aim to be fair to everyone. You as the customer need the most relevant, up to date information possible in order to make a better and more informed choice of what insurance products you buy. However, nobody is perfect. Insurance companies should also have the right to make their case and fix things that have gone wrong without being penalised for every single mistake, as long as they then try to fix them as quickly as they can.

  • Be transparent - it's all well us saying we are bringing a new way to choose your next insurance, but how do we rate the reviews? Well it's a little technical but you can request all the details here if you like.

  • Be helpful - from offering you lots of ways to contact us to quick ways to add your review, easy ways to sign in as a member or share a review with your friends and family, we're on it. Any nagging point you'd like us to work on? Any suggestion to make the ClaimScore hub easier, friendlier? Just let us know here.

How this site is maintained

We need a way to support what we do and this happens in a number of ways:

  • We feature companies that seem to be doing a good job for their customers. If you choose to click a link on our site which redirects you to one of these companies' websites, and then you buy one of their products, we may (not always) receive a small commission from them. Its similar to sites like Money Saving Expert.

  • We also link through to some of the comparison sites and likewise they may send us a small commission if you choose to buy through them.

  • However, and we'll say it again because it's important, on no account do we compromise our main principle value: We aim to be fair to everyone.

Affiliated Companies

When we link to a company that pays a small commission to us we will always include a * on the link or button itself. This is so you can tell which links contribute to the costs of maintaining this site and you can make your own decision as to whether you wish to continue.

It makes no difference to the price you pay whether you click an affiliated link or not. In fact sometimes you may get a better deal than going direct, for example if there is a special offer shown on the link.

You can also switch the affiliate sorting off at the top of the page.

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